Piano Care Products

Piano Care Products


Super High Gloss Polish 

Super High Gloss Polish Specially formulated to clean and protect high gloss polyester, polyurethane, and lacquer finishes in one easy step. Use Super High Gloss as often as desired to eliminate fingerprints, smudging and static that attracts dust. Available in Convenient 8 oz. bottole. $22.00


All-Brite All-Brite is a non greasy treatment designed to polish and perserve all fine lacquered instrument surfaces. It protects against drying and cracking and is perfect for lacquered wood finishes. Use on pianos, organs, benches and band instruments. Comes in convenient 8 oz. bottle.  $22.00




Key-Brite Cleans, brightens and preserves all plastic, ivory and wood keyboards, even electric. Spray directly onto keys and gently wipe them clean. It's completely safe on all surfaces and dissolves wax build-up. Excellent for computers too. Available in 4 oz. bottle. $9.20


Scratch-Brite Scratch-Brite colors and repairs surface scratches on all walnut, mahogany, maple and pine instruments and furniture. It leaves surfaces polished to a smooth, high, long-lasting beautiful lustre. Available in convenient 4 oz bottle. $10.00





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